4th Annual Siltcoos Lake Stringer Tournament

The 4th Annual Siltcoos Lake Stringer Tournament was held May 24th and 25th, 2003.
The results are posted below. Thanks for visiting!

    Contestant Saturday
Big Fish
Big Fish
2 Day
Big Fish
    1st Fred Hilden 1 lb 9 oz 6 lb 1 oz 1 lb 8 oz 5 lb 12 oz 1 lb 9 oz 11 lb 13 oz
    2nd Shawn Irish (& big fish)   1 lb 13 oz 4 lb 15 oz 9 lb 8 oz 4 lb 15 oz 11 lb 5 oz
    3rd Barney Eastlick   4 lb 5 oz   6 lb 9 oz   10 lb 14 oz
    Dave Wigfield 1 lb 7 oz 5 lb 6 oz   3 lb 5 oz 1 lb 7 oz 8 lb 11 oz
    Kris Schaub 1 lb 8 oz 4 lb 14 oz   1 lb 15 oz 1 lb 8 oz 6 lb 13 oz
    Chris Chase   1 lb 9 oz   4 lb 13 oz   6 lb 6 oz
    Ken Moorehead   4 lb 9 oz   1 lb 13 oz   6 lb 6 oz
    Kale Schaub   2 lb 5 oz 1 lb 9 oz 2 lb 7 oz 1 lb 9 oz 4 lb 12 oz
    Bill Hall 1 lb 12 oz 4 lb 2 oz     1 lb 12 oz 4 lb 2 oz
    Larry Grandfield 1 lb 8 oz 3 lb 3 oz     1 lb 8 oz 3 lb 3 oz
* Ken Conner           0 lb 0 oz

* Honorable mention goes to Ken Conner for taking time away from his fishing to fix Chris'
boat trailer and for providing the boat for first and fourth place. Thanks again Ken!

And hats off to Chris for insisting on an early tournament. While some friends couldn't make it because
of the holiday, we all caught more fish, just barely beating the first May Fly hatch of the year.

d030524_bill_strgr_sml.jpg (29351 bytes)
Bill takes an early lead for "big fish" with a 1 lb 12 oz beauty!
d030524_barney_strgr_sml.jpg (30388 bytes)
Barney's first day in the tourney yields a limit.
d030524_dave_strgr_sml.jpg (34548 bytes)
Can you tell by
his smile Dave
has a limit?
d030524_chrisscale_sml.jpg (29517 bytes)
I keep trying to tell you Dave, they only weigh 2 and a half pounds...
d030524_chrisdaveshawn_sml.jpg (22376 bytes)
"I told you it would be a great weekend for fishing!"
d030524_fred_strgr_sml.jpg (31493 bytes)
Fred has the lead at the end of day 1 with a limit worth
6 lbs 1 oz.
d030524_larry_strgr_sml.jpg (31577 bytes)
Larry's a happy guy with one of his "better" days in 4 years. Yo!
d030525_chrisboat_sml.jpg (15693 bytes)
Chris beats it back to the  marina to be on-time for weigh-in.
d030525_davestilltrying_sml.jpg (31977 bytes)
Desperate to get his second limit, Dave is still at it Sunday at 11:59.
d030525_kriskaleinboat_sml.jpg (21967 bytes)
Kris and brother Kale from Montana motor in to the marina.
d030525_returningwithfish_sml.jpg (50728 bytes)
Alright guys, now that we're done fishing, what do we do?
d030525_returningwithfish_sml.jpg (50728 bytes)
Barney and Chris with Sunday limits. Chris is finally smiling!
d030525_inboathouse_sml.jpg (31717 bytes)
Is that really a
Diet Coke on the barrel. Ya, right!
d030525_carolefred_sml.jpg (20162 bytes)
A surprise guest at weigh-in, Carole is one of the world's best chefs!
d030525_guntersfred1_sml.jpg (29410 bytes)
Carole wants to know why no one shows up till the last minute?
d030525_guntersfred2_sml.jpg (38633 bytes)
Fred reveals his secret weapon - could Chuck be a pro guide?
d030525_kriskalechrisken_sml.jpg (31386 bytes)
This looks like a conspiracy, maybe Kale has the
"big fish."
d030525_shawnbilldavechris_sml.jpg (33072 bytes)
Nope, Shawn has something to say about that!
d030525_shawnhogs_sml.jpg (17132 bytes)
Go Shawn!
4 lbs 15 oz on the left and 4 lbs 9 oz on the right!
d030525_shawnscale1_sml.jpg (26615 bytes)
Chris tries to convince Shawn they're only 2 pounds each.
d030525_shawnscale2_sml.jpg (25155 bytes)
Shawn insists on an independent audit!
d030525_barneywinnings_sml.jpg (24563 bytes)
Call it beginner's luck - Barney takes 3rd his
first year.
d030525_shawnwinnings_sml.jpg (22502 bytes)
Shawn nails 2nd and "big fish" thanks to his
2 hogs!
d030525_fred_strgr_sml.jpg (38362 bytes)
Fred narrowly escapes with
first place by
8 ounces. 
d030525_larry_sml.jpg (18129 bytes)
Larry is sad when the tourney is over and it's time to go home.

Needless to say, the 4th Annual Siltcoos Lake Stringer Tournament was a huge success. Everyone had a great
time, plenty to eat and drink and most important, good friendships to enjoy and memories to cherish!
Oh, and thanks Sally for being such a wonderful hostess and putting up with a bunch of men!

We continue to be dedicated to the conservation of Oregon Sports Fishing.

Tight lines and good times!

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