8th Annual Siltcoos Lake
Stringer Tournament Results

The 8th Annual Siltcoos Lake Stringer Tournament was held Saturday & Sunday, May 26th and 27th, 2007.
With 15 participants and a prizes totaling $375, it was one of our smaller groups, but it was filled with
anticipation and excitement.

Second year veteran Tom Waterworth, edged out Chris Chase for1st Place!!! Chris Chase took
home the 2nd Place money and Jerry Hilbert grabbed both 3rd Place and
Big Fish with
some crafty moves near the now-gated sailboat marina.

Bob Morgan of TreasureLine designed a one-of-a-kind 1st Place Trophy for this year's tournament.
It is totally unique and totally awesome! It was coveted by everyone, but especially by
Chris Chase who fished harder than he has ever fished this tournament before.

Thanks to some very generous sponsors, including TreasureLine, Dunham RV Service
and Repair, Westlake Resort and several individual sponsors, we had
prizes down through 12th Place.

A very big THANKS to all of our generous sponsors!

Note that only three ounces separated 1st and 2nd Place. The average fish weight
dropped by 8oz from 1#3oz last year to 0#11oz this year.



Saturday Sunday 2 Day Total

Big Fish

FC Weight Big Fish FC Weight Big Fish FC Weight


Tom Waterworth ($187.50 &
1st Place Trophy, TreasureLine )

1#5oz 5 4#1oz 1#3oz 5 3#13oz 1#5oz 10 7#14oz


Chris Chase

1#1oz 5 5#4oz 0#14oz 4 2#7oz 1#1oz 9 7#11oz


Jerry Hilbert ($37.50)
 (& Big Fish - $75.00)

--- --- ---  1#6oz 5 5#7oz 1#6oz 5 5#7oz


Doug Waterworth
($150 Loungechair, Dunham RV)

0#13oz 5 2#10oz 1#2oz 5 2#12oz 1#2oz 10 5#6oz


Mike Hammel
($100 Gift Cert, Westlake Resort)

0#11oz 4 1#12oz 1#5oz 3 2#6oz


7 3#11oz


Trevor Eastlick
($30 Rod&Reel, Chris & Barney)

 1#2oz 2 1#9oz 1#2oz 2 1#7oz 1#2oz  4 3#0oz


Chuck Gunter
($25 Barbeque, Dunham RV)

0#8oz 3 1#6oz 0#12oz 2 1#6oz 0#12oz 5 2#12oz


Steve Small *
($25 Barbeque, Dunham RV)

0#13oz 2 1#3oz 0#14oz 2 1#9oz 0#14oz 4 2#12oz


Andy Tucker
($20 Lures, Dave & Andy)

--- --- --- 1#1oz 4 2#10oz 1#1oz 4 2#10oz


Dave Wigfield
($10 Bottle Cap Lures, Jason)

1#5oz 2 2#7oz --- --- --- 1#5oz 2 2#7oz


Barney Eastlick
($20 Lights, Dunham RV)

0#12oz 2 1#3oz 0#7oz 1 0#7oz 0#12oz 3 1#10oz


Erik Johnson
($10 Knife, Florence True Value)

1#0oz 1 1#0oz 0#8oz 1 0#8oz 1#0oz 2 1#8oz


Jason Russell

0#11oz 1 0#11oz --- --- --- 0#11oz 1 0#11oz


Fred Hilden

--- --- --- 0#7oz 1 0#7oz 0#7oz 1 0#7oz


Larry Grandfield

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

     Total Fish Count





 2 Day Total

67  47#14oz

         Average Fish Weight







FC = Fish Count: Trout listed first & if "+" sign is present, the number after means another species, i.e. perch, crappie.

* = Rookie (First Year Participant)


Here are some photos of the tournament for your enjoyment!
Click on the thumbnail to view the full-size photo.

07st_0013.jpg (93276 bytes)
 As the first day of fishing draws to a close, at least we can all say it was a day without rain!

07st_0014.jpg (81888 bytes)
Guest Jack Donahue talks with Sally Hilden as they both anxiously await the fish stories.
07st_0015.jpg (105813 bytes)
Erik Johnson tells the "they all got away story."
07st_0016.jpg (74721 bytes)
Chris Chase has a nice bunch of trout totally over 5 pounds.
07st_0017.jpg (97393 bytes)
Rookie Steve Small shows them how it's done...
07st_0018.jpg (78797 bytes)
Did this scale get calibrated???
07st_0019.jpg (102606 bytes)
Trevor Eastlick waits his turn for weigh-in.
07st_0020.jpg (91898 bytes)
Guest John Hoss helps with record keeping.
07st_0021.jpg (90821 bytes)
Tom eagerly cleans his catch.
07st_0022.jpg (92164 bytes)
Makes ya wonder what he's thinking...
07st_1434.jpg (81649 bytes)
Tournament photographer Gene Haynes gets caught with his camera out!
07st_1435.jpg (72823 bytes)
Erik reminds his dad that he didn't get ANY Fish!
07st_1437.jpg (61679 bytes)
Dave is up to something...
07st_1438.jpg (53300 bytes)
... and Larry knows what it is!
07st_1440.jpg (89538 bytes)
Chris wants to know if this fish is actually 8"?
07st_1441.jpg (81804 bytes)
Barney tries to explain that he left them all out there.
07st_1444.jpg (81928 bytes)
Chris tells Barney that his 2 fish only weigh as much as 1 of his.
07st_0023.jpg (69899 bytes)
At the end of day 1, Chris has the lead by more than 1 pound!
07st_0028.jpg (83289 bytes)
Sally exclaims "let the eating begin!"
07st_0029.jpg (97760 bytes)
I'm not sure what they're looking at but it must be good!
07st_0030.jpg (74744 bytes)
It's all about great friends having a great time!!!
07st_0031.jpg (76602 bytes)
Chuck tells Larry that one comes before 5.
07st_0032.jpg (91422 bytes)
Where's the food?
07st_0033.jpg (69014 bytes)
Carole joins Dottie, Elaine and Jack in a little conversation.
07st_0035.jpg (91916 bytes)
One big, two small...
07st_0036.jpg (44567 bytes)
The scale says 3#13oz and that's enough to give Tom 1st Place!!!
07st_0037.jpg (90787 bytes)
This nice bucket of fish belongs to Jerry Hilbert.
07st_0038.jpg (86848 bytes)
Tom with 2 of the group that helped him win.
07st_1445.jpg (83391 bytes)
Is everyone accounted for?
07st_0040.jpg (65342 bytes)
Tom Waterworth
is awarded
1st Place money!
07st_0041.jpg (74273 bytes)
Bob Morgan of
presents the 1st
Place Trophy he
designed for this
07st_1456.jpg (64609 bytes)
Tom proudly
displays his
07st_0057.jpg (93611 bytes)
A close-up!
07st_0042.jpg (75602 bytes)
Chris Chase gets 2nd Place money only 3 ounces behind 1st.
07st_0044.jpg (81444 bytes)
Jerry Hilbert's new strategy yields 3rd Place money and Big Fish for the tournament!
07st_0045.jpg (61158 bytes)
Jerry presents his
1#6oz trout.
07st_0046.jpg (56677 bytes)
Doug Waterworth grabs 4th Place.
07st_1447.jpg (68637 bytes)
07st_1449.jpg (95055 bytes)
07st_0047.jpg (51041 bytes)
Mike Hammel takes home 5th Place.
07st_0048.jpg (95384 bytes)
Trevor Eastlick proudly receives his 6th Place prize!
07st_0050.jpg (67621 bytes)
Chuck Gunter secures a 7th Place tie.
07st_1452.jpg (60093 bytes)
Rookie Steve Small ties for 7th Place. He exclaims, "This is easy money!" 
07st_0051.jpg (68971 bytes)
Andy Tucker nails down 9th Place.
07st_0052.jpg (70846 bytes)
Dave Wigfield finishes well down the field in 10th.
 No photos of Barney Eastlick (11th) and Erik Johnson (12th) were taken.    

It's a Kodak moment... the group includes kneeling from left, Matt Moorehead, Chris Chase, Ken Moorehead,
Brian Hilbert, Dave Wigfield, Doug Waterworth, Andy Tucker and Trevor Eastlick. Standing from left,
Erik Johnson, Jason Russell, Tom Waterworth, Larry Grandfield, Mike Hammel, Jerry Hilbert,
Chuck Gunter, Steve Small, Fred Hilden and Barney Eastlick.

Special thanks to Gene Haynes and Vince Villegas for their photography -  GREAT JOB!!!

We continue to be dedicated to the conservation of Oregon Sports Fishing.

Tight lines and good times!

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