Results Summary
Siltcoos Lake Stringer Tournament


  Year 1st Place Weight 2nd Place 3rd Place Big Fish Weight
1st Annual 2000 Erik Johnson NRA Fred Hilden Dave Wigfield NRA NRA
2nd Annual 2001 Jason Russell 6# 2oz Chris Chase Dave Wigfield Ambrose 4# 0oz
3rd Annual 2002 NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA
4th Annual 2003 Fred Hilden 11# 13oz Shawn Irish Barney Eastlick * Shawn Irish 4# 15oz
5th Annual 2004 Chris Chase 9# 10oz Kris Schaub Brian Hilbert * Shawn Irish 2# 0oz
6th Annual 2005 Shawn Irish 15# 10oz Dave Wigfield Scott Perry Larry Grandfield 4# 14oz
7th Annual 2006 Chuck Gunter 10# 10oz Fred Hilden Tom Waterworth * Fred Hilden 2# 10oz
8th Annual 2007 Tom Waterworth 7# 14oz Chris Chase Jerry Hilbert Jerry Hilbert 1# 6oz
9th Annual 2008 Fred Hilden 3# 14oz Jason Russell Erik Johnson Fred Hilden 3# 14oz
10th Annual 2009 Alex Baker * 5# 2oz Floyd Larson Chad Hilden* Alex Baker* 4# 13oz
11th Annual 2010 Jason Russell 17# 6oz Tom Waterworth Alex Baker Jason Russell 6# 10oz
12th Annual 2011 David Bellemore 12# 6oz Tom Waterworth Brian Goodwin/Fred Hilden David Bellemore 3# 13oz
13th Annual 2012 Jason Russell 11# 7oz Larry Grandfield Jerry Hilbert James Avrit* 3# 15oz
14th Annual 2013 Fred Hilden 11# 5oz Shawn Irish Chris Chase Ethan Puckett 2# 14oz
  * = Rookie
 NRA = No Record Available

We continue to be dedicated to the conservation of Oregon Sports Fishing!

Tight lines and good times!

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